Why can I not last longer in bed?

Why can I not last longer in bed? Answers and solutions.

why can i not last longer in bed?Ever asked yourself – Why can I not last longer in bed? Read on and you may discover the answer.

I want to tackle the whole concept of “how to last longer in bed” a little differently to how I usually do.

I want to share with you what very few guys realize is actually holding them back from being able to have the stamina they’ve always wanted – to able to give women more intense orgasms and more satisfaction in bed.

What I’m talking about here is what drives you to successfully make a change.

Because let’s face it – If right now you’re not lasting as long as you’d like to
in bed, something has to change.

You can’t keep doing what you’ve always done, while expecting a different result. The world just doesn’t work that way.

Instead if you want to get hard and stay hard for longer you need to start implementing change. You need to start doing different things.

Overcoming negative thoughts

Now people tend to have different associations to the idea of doing different things.

Some people will say “none of that stuff works” (which I always find hilarious for people to say when they haven’t actually tried “that stuff” out and measured the results for themselves).

Some people will say “why should I have to do that stuff” (well you don’t “have to”, but if you want improved results then you do need to start doing at least something different to what you have been doing).

And some people will say “but I’m scared to do that”.

OK, so few people will actually say they’re scared, but truthfully what actually lies behind the reason why most people don’t take action when presented with new possible solutions their problems (like the techniques I teach in E. Guru for lasting longer in bed) is fear.

The reason that most people don’t implement change is not the lack of knowing effective techniques, like I just said – anyone who’s committed can quickly get their hands on proven techniques.

The cause: fear

The real reason is fear of failure.

Fear of trying something new and having it not work out.

The fear of looking stupid as a result of failing.

The fear of feeling that sense of loss after having got your hopes up.

And this fear holds people trapped in their current results.

They want change, but their fear of failing at successfully implementing change outweighs their desire for change.

To put this back into context:

A lot of guys want to last longer in bed, but on some level they fear that if they go ahead and actually implement they’ll fail. Therefore they’d rather stick with doing what they’ve always done.  And then some guys will even go ahead and complain and claim the techniques didn’t work. In truth they never even gave the techniques a real shot at success for them.

OK, so how do you overcome this fear?

2 steps to overcoming fear

1. Eliminate the fear by attacking it head on

Take action in spite of fear and suddenly the fear won’t hold you hostage.

Action eliminates fear, because as soon as you do take action you’ll realize that your fear was largely unjustified and no matter what happens you’ll be better off for having done something.

2. Increase your desire for change so that the desire outweighs the fear holding you back

By focusing on the outcome you want and getting excited about all the reasons why you’ll benefit soon you’ll want to take action even despite the fears holding you back.

You’ve no doubt experienced a time in your life when you acted even while you had fear. This is the same scenario.

What you need to do is manufacture enough desire so the fear no longer holds you trapped.

Do either or both of these things and suddenly you’ll find yourself taking big action towards the change you desire. Such as being able to last longer in bed perhaps. And once you start taking massive action you’ll shortly start seeing impressive and tangible results.

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Talk soon,


PS – Don’t ever let fear hold you back.  Fear is an illusion.

Figure out what you want and fight fear head on by taking drastic action towards your goals.

And if your goal is to last longer in bed, then check out the video.

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