Why can’t I last longer in bed anymore?

The number 1 mistake made by guys who can’t last longer in bed

This is the number 1 reason why so many men can’t last longer in bed.

But if you were to correct this mistake, you’d be able to quickly gain control over their orgasms and begin enjoying long lasting sex with their lover.

last longer in bed

This is such a huge mistake holding guys back from having stamina control.

The number 1 mistake that most men make in bed is:

Not realizing that they can learn to control how long they last in bed!

Most men seem to think that how long they can last is out of their person control. I’ll often hear reasons like…

“I’ve never been able to last long in bed so I never will”

“My penis isn’t big enough – that’s why I can’t last longer in bed”

“I just don’t have the genes to last longer in bed”

“When my lover does [this or that] during sex that makes me orgasm early so it’s not my fault”

But here’s the truth: You are in complete control of how long you last.

The problem is just that you’ve never realized what it really takes to last long.

Because the real cause of how long you last in bed doesn’t come down to common reasons I hear like size or how you are as a person or what your lover does, etc.

What determines how long you last comes down the specific things you do before and during sex.

That includes everything from sex positions to thrusting styles and from breathing patterns to the thoughts in your head.

And as weird as that might initially sound, if you really think about it, doesn’t it make sense?

For example, have you ever noticed how certain sex positions or thrusting styles cause you to orgasm more quickly than others?

Well this is just a tiny example of how the things you do can influence how long you last.

There are other factors you’ve also probably never realized that have an even bigger affect on how long you last in bed. And when you discover what these factors are and you change them.

That’s when you gain control over how long you last. And that’s why being able to last long in bed is something you can learn. You have to retrain your mind for stamina.

It doesn’t take lucky genes, the right woman, or being a certain size down there. It takes learning the specific things to do before and during sex, that mean you can last a whole lot longer.

So what are these specific things to do before and during
sex to last longer in bed?

Well, like I’ve already alluded to, sex positions, thrusting styles, breathing patterns and your thoughts are some of them. But there are many more subtle distinctions to learn that
have an even bigger influence on how long you last.

And taking control of them is what will allow you to truly take control of your orgasms and last over 30 minutes in bed.

If you’d like to find out what these more subtle distinctions are and how to apply them and other techniques to go from lasting less than 10 seconds in bed to over 30 minutes in bed, then watch the video, link below.

get hardon naturally video

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